Online promotions...

£75 per month gives you a living online presence, building business and turning customers into fans...

Social Media

we'll give you a new website, a social media presence, and run them for you on your behalf.

Customers like to interact with the people behind their favourite businesses... It makes them feel less like a customer and more like a valued friend of the business. It involves them in what you do, and develops loyalty with your product or service. Social media helps to nurture this loyalty, spread the word about what you do, and build your customer base through (online) word of mouth.

a social media presence keeps you in the front of your customers' minds.
Social media needs a live presence to work

the key to social media promotion is to have a living and reactive online presence...

It's not just posting good, regular content which makes a good social media presence... it's making the page feel alive.

We will run your social media presence for you, with snappy and regular updates, great interaction with followers, and none of the stagnation which can happen to social media pages.

we offer an exciting & interactive social media presence, creating a buzz about your business and building your customer base.
Reach the crowd

new website, social media presence and regular updates... with no set up fee.

We offer you a new or redesigned website, free hosting, facebook and twitter presences, and regular online interaction to build your customer base. We'll do all this for £75 per month, with no set up fee - all we ask from you is a minimum 4 month initial run. You can pull out afterwards if you like without losing your new website. In return we'll redesign your site, build your social media presence and deal with all your updates and news. We'll contact you regularly to find out about events and promotions you're having, and we'll send you feedback from google analytics and facebook insights to show how your online presence is doing.

a rebuilt, modern website... a superb regular social media presence... and a growing customer base - all for £75 per month.