we are black crow valley.

we offer you great websites, sparkling graphic design
and inspired writing.

with black crow valley every idea, every pixel and every word counts.

We are a freelance creative collective who design websites and print media for interesting people. From the first mock-up design to the last piece of code, every element of your project is handcrafted to suit your needs, giving you a unique product with eye-catching looks and sparkling copy throughout...

... and all of this without blowing your budget... more about us

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Leased online PR packages available

Our online promotions build business & save ££s

Kenyabeds.com Landrake Village Carnival Website Dog Day Design website Living Art Coaching website Pengelly's fishmonger website Photo-Detour.com: a database driven French-language photography site Properly Clean.co.uk, 1950s branding and website for a regional cleaning company. Weightician.com: website for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure company

our handcrafted websites engage your customers...

Print promotion for Kenyabeds.com Original artwork for local bands Weightician.com print publicity Flyers for local clubs Technical forms for medical cosmetics patients Advertising flyers for local businesses Organising charity events. Complete organisation and marketing of music festival

from simple flyers to festival events, we develop your brand...

we bring projects to life in clever, stylish ways...

Whether you need designs for flyers or for a full-blown interactive website, we have the talent, ideas and creative eye to exceed your expectations. We're not content with 'good enough'... if it's not excellent, then it's not finished. We won't clutter the internet with more ghosts of good ideas badly executed...

giving great value for money and honest, clear pricing...

You can get a website banged together for less than £100... but it won't be very unique. We offer innovative graphic design for your site coupled with superb copywriting to make your site content sparkle. We put this all together with handwritten markup to make your site look fantastic on modern browsers and smartphones, giving you a top-quality, unique product for an excellent price... see the design process

Start from scratch or make a fresh start with an individually designed website, hand-coded using modern web markup and styling, making it cross-browser compatible (including smartphones) with tailored graphics and cleanly edited content... read more

the jackdaw web package: £250

Jackdaw website package

The Magpie package incorporates all the design and coding of the Jackdaw package, but with some shiny things thrown in, including content management, some animation and slideshows, custom fonts and other goodies... read more

the magpie web package: £400

Magpiewebsite package

The Raven package is your own database-driven website, allowing you to display products, modify content, interact with readers and bring your site alive with tailored programming. Ideal for shops and restaurants... read more

the raven web package: £800

Raven website package

We offer all manner of interesting add-ons to your site, such as animated galleries, search engine optimisation, logo design, copywriting, hosting - if you want it, we'll add it ... read more

extra goodies: from £40

Extra goodies from £50
Our philosophy
'Without work, all life goes rotten. But when work is soulless, life stifles and dies.'

Albert Camus

What we do is pretty technical and skilled, and takes considerable time to learn. However it's not rocket science, otherwise we'd be designing rockets rather than websites. So, from start to finish, we're open and clear about what you need, what's involved in implementing it, and what the costs will be. We keep you in the loop throughout the project, and don't hide behind technobabble when you have a query. It's this sense of partnership that makes working with us a productive and enjoyable experience. Fair enough, we'd all rather be on a beach somewhere instead of staring at a computer screen, but, in the meantime, we'll get our buzz from doing a great job for interesting clients at a fair price...